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Difficult Steering

Front axle and steering

Most problems associated with the front axle and steering are wear & tear related or lack of sufficiant greasing of relevant points.

Kingpin (Spindle) thrust bearings have collapsed. This is normally represented by a gap between the bracket affixed to the top of the kingpin and the kingpin housing. Remove kingpin and replace thrust bearings.
Kingpins and /or steering pins suffer from a lack of grease and have become clogged with dirt and rust. Grease all points and if necessary remove, clean and replace worn parts.
Steering box needs attention. Steering box internal components such as shaft and bearings may need replacing or lubrication.
Front wheel weights mounted on front wheel rims tend to make the tractors steering heavier than normal. It is advisable to remove these and preferably mount nose weights onto the tractors weightframe secured onto the front support.

Wandering & loose wheels
When driving if the tractor requires constant correction and wheels wobble check following:
Check wheel alignment by measuring the distances between the front and rear of the tyres (Fig. 1) The front measurement should 10-12 mm shorter (Toe-in)
Check tie rod ends for exesssive play and correct.
Check steering box for play and correct
Ensure that diff lock is disengaged as this will cuase the front wheels to dig in when turning.