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Fuel Pipes

Massey Ferguson diesel system – Installing pipes
If sufficient care is taken when installing diesel fuel lines unecessary leaks can be avoided.
Your Massey Ferguson tractor uses three different size fuel pipes. 3/16″, 6mm & 8mm

Fuel pipe fittings are:
Male & female 3/8″ UNF with 3/16″ hole
Male & female 1/2″ UNF with 6 & 8mm hole
Copper ferules
Rubber grommets
Bundy tubin


Diesel pipes seal by pushing the copper ferule up against the two concave surfaces of the pipe fitting and the point of entry. The origional manufacturers fuel pipe was flared in a way which required a rubber grommet on the front of the pipe. This was an exellent pipe which is generally not available today. By fitting a rubber grommet behind the copper ferule, when the fitting is tightened it compresses the grommet tightly up aginst the ferule.

Using thread tape on the pipe fitting thread is of no use at all.

Where washers are required on banjo’s use aluminium which is softer and seals better than copper. If not available it is on occasion necessary to aneal the copper by heating up till red and imersing in water.

Always initially thread pipes by hand as the aluminium they thread into is very soft and easy to cross thread.